Camp Journal

Yellow and Green Group ‰ÛÒ Learning the lingo!

1st July 2014

The campers started their day with great enthusiasm for taking part in the language tuition that had been planned for the morning.

Everyone got involved with the lessons which are designed to be fun yet constructive in language development.

After the language tuition everyone had worked up an appetite and were ready for lunch! It’s a great time to catch up on what everyone had been up to so far.

In the afternoon Yellow and Green Group spilt apart for the different activities planned for the campers. The Yellow Group put on their bicycle helmets and hopped on their bikes up at the Mountain Bike outpost called Plan de Croix. The Activity Leaders began the session with some basic skill development which led on to a cycle down some exciting trails. Further down the mountain there were some jumps for the campers to have a go at! Special mention to Ekaterina and Gianluca for improving with great determination and making some serious height in the jumps! 

The campers in Green Group made their way to the Camp Suisse crag for some climbing! The Activity Leaders literally showed everyone the ropes and the campers climbed to the top. Well done to all the campers in Green Group for supporting each other!

Back at Camp Suisse the evening activity was bingo – Full House!