Camp Journal

Yellow and Green Group ‰ÛÒ ‘Chocs’ away!

2nd July 2014

The campers had a great day ahead of them because it was a visit to the Gruyère Cheese factory and Callier Chocolate factory!
Everyone climbed aboard the Camp Suisse Coach and made their way to the Gruyère Cheese factory, the campers enjoyed a tour which gave some secrets into cheese making (not all of them!) and a chance to enjoy the fragrances and tastes of the cheese!.
The factory is located at the foot of Gruyère Castle and it was a perfect photo opportunity.
After lunch it was time for a visit to the Callier Chocolate Factory. The campers enjoyed an interactive tour about the history of the cocoa bean, from its use by the ancient Aztecs, to revolutionary France and finally a chance to see it being made in the current day. The delicious smell of chocolate was finally too much temptation and everyone was invited to have a taste!
Back at Camp Suisse the evening activity was the chance to have a go at being directors and making 3 minute movies!