Camp Journal

A big Welcome to Year Four and Year Six- Le CÌ«te International School ‰ÛÒ Day One

11th June 2014

The Year Four and Six classes arrived at Camp Suisse around 11:00am and enjoyed a refreshing glass of the famous camp Suisse lemonade. All the students were excited to explore the camp and Torgon, then they took the time to settle into their chalets.

Not before long a delicious lunch of hot dogs was enjoyed and it was time to do some mountain biking for the Year Four class. The Activity Leader was delighted because the class improved and displayed impressive control and skills, with everyone being brave and making it down the mountain on the thrilling off road trails.

The students of Year Six split into two groups (one being called Poison Ivy and the other Gryffindor). Each group took it in turns to practice their aim with a bow and arrow on the archery range and climb on the indoor climbing wall and really test their heads for heights! 

Back at Camp Suisse everyone was ready for the homemade lasagne and garlic bread, it went down a treat after today’s activities and there was an extra treat for the students – it only comes around once a week, Waffle Wednesday (always putting a smile on everyone’s face).

Later on in the evening the DJ took to the mixing deck and played some tunes for a disco, which the students of Year Four partied to. Meanwhile the class of Year Six were enjoying the glamour of casino night – great fun! 

Phew! What a day! It soon was time for an early night ready for a new day.