Camp Journal

Year Four and Six – Le C̫te International School – Day Two

12th June 2014

Good morning campers!
Year Four
The first activity of the day started with a Mouflon Hunt in the beautiful Alps with mountain guide Cyril. The students enjoyed learning about all the flora along the way and even spotted a few of those curly horned animals!
Soon it was time for lunch and everyone enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine.
During the afternoon the students enjoyed some orienteering and mapping skills through a variety of games and a walk through the woods. By the end of the activity everyone managed to remember and display an impressive number of new skills and information.
After dinner the children all relaxed on the terrace and did some art and crafts, reflecting on the activities they had taken part in. 
Bed time was soon calling and the students were all tucked up in bed. 
Year Six
The students in Year Six left camp for some rock climbing at the bottom of the mountain. There were some great climbers and Activity Leaders Tom and Co. were very happy with the whole group’s ability to climb with pace and panache!
Back at Camp Suisse for lunch everyone enjoyed a selection of baguettes and a refreshing fruit juice. 
The afternoon activities included terrific team building exercises – plenty of communication and laughter! Later on in the day there was enough time to enjoy a game of football before Shower Hour and a Thai Green Curry for dinner!
Once the sun started to set, the disco lights we turned on and the dancing began!
Soon enough, everyone was all danced out and it was time to call it a night and get some rest.