Camp Journal

Wild Wednesday

1st June 2017

Wednesday was it. It was our day. The day when classes 6A and 6D set our alarms (Mrs Ali K) for an early start and set off to the glacier for a rendez-vous with the huskies. With storm clouds circling ominously all week our chance came on Wednesday morning and we took it.

After an extra ’40 winks’ on the coach we arrived at Glacier 3000 and were met by some very enthusiastic husky dogs ready to drag us across the slightly slushy glacier. The dogs were amazing and Rene, their leader, gave us some interesting facts about his dogs and the glacial environment.

Atfer lunch and a visit to the Tissot Peak Walk, we changed into more suitable attire for Rosie’s Royal Roman Tour in Martigny and a visit to the ‘Barryland – Musée et chiens du Saint-Bernard’. Dogs were definitely the order of today!! Our visit to Martigny was finished off in the Roman Amphitheatre where Danylo was engaged in gladiatorial battle with Rich…..Danylo claimed the crown and walked away the supreme gladiator winning his freedom forever!

With the humid and busy day behind we headed back to Camp Suisse for our BBQ night in the woods and prepared for our Mountain Edventure Challenge with the Atlantic Pacific charity on Thursday.

We are all looking forward to Thursday for two reasons….disco and….disco….oh and Mrs Ali-K’s birthday!

Classes 6B & 6D

After Mr Smith and Mr Chamberlain woke us sooo early for the glacier on Tuesday, an 8am breakfast on Wednesday morning was a welcome surprise. At 9am we assembled ready for the day’s activities. Led by Stinky Steve and Sarah, 6B went mountain biking through the forest in the morning and 6C headed to the football pitch for sports coaching. After a spot of lunch we swapped over and it was 6C’s turn to go mountain biking and 6B to play sports. The mountain biking was nothing short of awesome and a big round of hi-5s must be given to the whole mountain bike instructor team for delivering a fun and safe session.

For dinner all of Year 6 joined up with for the BBQ in the forest and preparations for our Mountain Edventure Challenge.

The excitement for Thursday’s disco is palpable!!!