Camp Journal

Whites take a hike!

19th July 2013

The 20 campers in the White group spent the afternoon outdoors on the bush craft. The bush craft hike involved a hike around the woodlands of Torgon where Gemma and Ingrid passed on their knowledge regarding bush craft in the local area, including information on antiseptic moss and lime stone. Whilt the campers all listened intently a demonstration on water filtration was also given which resulted in drinkable water tasted by all campers. All the campers at this stage deserved a lay down, so to end the bush craft hike it was concluded with a lesson on how to set up a hammock. Using the correct knots, campers were split into groups and given their own hammock to put up. The ultimate test was then to get in the hammock without it falling down!

It was a fun and enjoyable learning experience for all white group members.