Camp Journal

Welcoming the students from Strothoff International School ‰ÛÒ Day One

10th June 2014

Camp Suisse welcomed students from Strothoff International School with a cool and refreshing glass of the chef’s homemade lemonade and yummy hot dogs. Then it was a tour of the camp and Torgon, so everyone had got their bearings. 

With the sun high in the sky and plenty of sun cream on, the students went to the archery range to try out some target practice with a bow and arrow. Range Captain Rosie shared her knowledge about the anatomy of the arrow and the best shooting techniques. 

After a great afternoon it was time to put bow and arrows down and head to back to camp for dinner, which was fajitas and a dessert of fruit salad. A storm was beginning to brew outside but no worries as the evening activity was the indoor climbing wall! Once harnessed and clipped to the ropes, it was up and away on the wall.

An early night was had by all, it had been a long day and everyone was excited for the next day of their adventure!