Camp Journal

Very old ruins, big fluffy dogs and heaps of chocolate.

4th June 2019

Classes 6a and 6c spent the day exploring the historic town of Martigny. We learnt all about Martigny’s history, from the Gaulish heritage and Roman Occupation to the origins of St Bernard’s pass. The Roman ruins were in fine form with the sun beaming down and blue skies above. In the amphitheatre classes were treated to a titanic contest between the Camp Suisse gladiators which ended triumphantly when Katy delivered a sword shattering blow and took victory. The St Bernard Museum was also greeted with much enthusiasm, especially as 7 puppies were currently in residence. Just as the time came to head back to the Camp Suisse centre the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down. Thankfully it was a short trip to welcome drinks at the Camp Suisse restaurant and an electrifying game of bingo afterwards.

Classes 6b and 6d spent the day on a sweet adventure. Together with the Camp Suisse activity leaders: Hannah, Margaux and Dani they explored Switzerland’s premier chocolate experience at Maison Cailler. From the historical origins in Aztec cocoa ceremonies to the delights of today, a fantastic day packed full learning and chocolate was had by all. After exploring Maison Cailler, we headed to the camp Suisse centre narrowly avoiding the rain and finished off the afternoon with games in the sports hall!