Camp Journal

Torgon Tribes

21st July 2019

Another beautiful day in sunny Torgon! In the morning, the Reds and Blues came together to take part in an epic Tribal games day! The campers were split into tribes, and played different games in efforts to secure points for their teams. They also got creative with their tribal identity, pulling out the face paint and creating their own version of the Haka!
After lunch, the campers went in for their language lessons. In Margaux’s French class, the children learnt how to order food in a restaurant. All the classes have begun to prepare for the upcoming Camp Suisse talent show. The day ended with an egg drop competition, where the campers used all their physics knowledge to help their egg land safely when dropped from a height. The groups loved this activity and got really attached to their new egg-friends. Following some stiff competition, it was ultimately the Voosh team that took 1st place!
The Greens and Yellows, meanwhile, had a refreshing day in the sun! The day began with language lessons which saw most classes choosing their song or act for the language talent show on Wednesday. After languages, the campers headed down the valley to Le Bouveret Beach for a lovely afternoon on the shores of Lake Geneva. This is a beautiful spot on the lake, complete with a giant inflatable slide and ping pong tables. The Greens and Yellows returned for shower hour and then ended the day with a pizza dinner at a local Italian restaurant. The Greens are very excited to go to the Cailler Chocolate Factory tomorrow, while the Yellows are dreading the 6am Glacier start!