Camp Journal

The last night

22nd June 2017

Conyers school woke up in our cosy camping lodge with some stunning views in the early morning. After some breakfast, everybody headed back to Camp Suisse at a relaxed pace for another day of fun! This included rock climbing and even some archery on our football pitch that, as always, turned very competitive.

As the day drew to a close, it was time for the exciting but bitter-sweet ‘last night disco‘: a Suisse Camp classic. The students flocked to our Tuck Shop, where they can find all manner of things from key-rings, to t-shirts and the most exciting of all; glow sticks!! They then headed to the dance floor as it was time to throw some serious shapes. As the last song was announced, nobody wanted to stop the fun and so staff were given exclusive access to a Conyers Year 8 card trick show before bedtime!