Camp Journal

The Adventures of Geneva English School

21st June 2018

After a lively night of singing campfire songs and roasting marshmallows over the fire at camping, the Year 6 students of GES set off on their hike back to the Camp Suisse centre. With songs and chants galore, they trooped back and made it to the centre just in time for lunch! It was great to see the positive effort that everyone put in, even if they found hiking difficult; it made for a lovely experience for the whole group.

After lunch on this scorcher of a day, half of the class did some archery and half took to the climbing wall. Again, it was so brilliant to see how everyone progressed during each session, from their first to last turns at climbing or shooting an arrow, and seeing such improvement in each student. All staff were so pleased with how hard the students of GES worked at each task they were given, and how they supported each other all the way through!!

After a lovely dinner, there was an intense game of Ultimate Camp Suisse Dodgeball, and then some yoga before bed!

All at Camp Suisse are looking forward to another action packed day with the kids of GES.

Meghan, Group Leader