Camp Journal

Survival, celebration and sweet dance moves!

7th June 2019

Alas, the winds of change have come too soon. The weather was a ghastly grey when our campers awoke this morning. Their spirits kept up, however, and they donned their best or next best waterproof coats and headed out to the rain.
Today, the children were taking part in activities based on their on-going charity work with Together for Better Days. This charity provides quality relief to refugees while working to create long-term solutions to the largest problems around the refugee crisis. We worked in small groups and navigated around the local area, learning different skills necessary for survival. From filtering water to building fires, practising first aid to constructing shelters, the campers had a really hands-on day gaining a better understanding of the crisis. Spirits were not dampened by the rain. After several hundred rounds of ‘Reese’s Peanut butter Cup’, along with getting to light actual fires, meant the children stayed enthusiastic and warm all day long.

A scrumptious dinner of fajitas and Eton mess was the perfect last supper for our campers. Normally a quiet, civilised meal not!, dinner turned into a bit of a party as the children gladly raised their voices to help Mr James celebrate his 21st* birthday.

The day was brought to a finish when 80+ children flocked into the centre for Camp Suisse’s iconic disco night. Intense preparation and practice was finally realised when the group showed off their sweet dance moves. Everybody was dressed to impress, and with DJ Dawson on the decks, it was all we needed for a great discotheque.

Tomorrow will see the children visiting different places of interest in the area. Without giving too much away, classes 6A and 6C are in for a sweet treat. And 6B and 6D? Well, we don’t want to ruin the surprise, but they could be roman around Martigny again soon. They’ll be tired as dogs after this trip!