Camp Journal

Sunday 14th July

14th July 2019

The first day of session two was incredible day of outdoor adventure for the Reds. The morning started upstairs in the sports hall, where both the Reds and Blues played games to get to know each other. After the language tests, the Reds had their first in-camp lunch consisting of panini, hot dogs, salad and jacket potatoes. In the afternoon, the eds were on Bushcraft with James, Dec and Katy. It started with Shelter building, where the group tried their hand at making shelters from natural materials. With a little help from ex-session 1 campers Violet and returning campers Barry and Maya, both team Dec and Team Katy managed to make incredible shelters that evening the coldest campers could spend the night in. This was followed by Fire lighting, where each group learnt the elements needed to make a fire and learned to how to cook food. The campers roasted marshmallow and had the chance to eat popcorn cooked over the fires that they had made. All in all it was an incredible start to camp for a lovely group of red campers. there was plenty of learning both in languages and in the outdoors.

The Blues joined the Reds for some games this morning, before taking their language quiz with the Camp Suisse teachers. This will help the teachers to design curriculums and lessons that will most benefit the campers’ needs and abilities. After a hot lunch in Camp, the campers were excited to have their first adventure- mountain biking! All the Blues participated, and improved their biking skills during the session. The campers were given the opportunity to show off on our obstacle course, and Chloe was able to show off her brand new skill of riding a bike! The instructors were really impressed with everyone and it was a great first day for our Blue campers.