Camp Journal

St. Ivos’ got talent!

29th June 2017


In the morning, the campers split into two groups, one half headed to the football pitch where they got to try some archery!  There were plenty of prizes on offer to be won and so the competition in the air was tangible. After fighting it to the death (or the end of the session) it was decided: Congratulations to Seth, who won a very special Camp Suisse T-Shirt!! The next half of the group enjoyed the big challenge of our climbing wall! A daunting task at first, once conquered, the Campers grew and grew in confidence as they zig-zagged up the wall trying out the different coloured courses and testing their abilities!

After a spot of lunch, it was time to head off for camping. It was a tough 3 hour hike, dodging many a cow, but they did a sterling job and persevered! Once at the site, there was the reward of a delicious BBQ and the food was on the table for about 2 seconds before it all disappeared! Once everything was eaten up and cleared, it was time to set off for another hike to the French border!! The students were in high spirits and once they had returned to camping, the leaders and staff were treated to a special St. Ivos’ edition of Britains got Talent.