Camp Journal

St Ivo School – Coach 4 – Day Two

22nd June 2014

Wakey Wakey, Rise and Shine campers!

Once everyone had enjoyed a yummy breakfast which was a selection of cereals, toast, boiled eggs, yoghurt and fruit, it soon was time for the first activities of the day!

The students split into three groups and rotated around the three activities which were archery, the climbing wall and team sports. 

Up on the archery range there were some great shots fired and plenty of bull’s-eye, over to the climbing wall the students were all harnessed up and climbing up to the top of the wall with support from their fellow class mates and during the sports there was some great team work with healthy competition. 

Lunch time came around very quickly and the students had a healthy appetite after all the energy that has been used for the morning activities. 

Next up was mountain biking! First things first, it was all about safety and some practice sessions were given on the obstacle course from the Activity Leaders. This gave the students a chance to improve their skills and have more confidence on the bike. Later in the afternoon it was a cycle ride further up the mountain and down some trails back to Camp Suisse for shower hour and dinner. 

The evening activity for the students was the Torgona Hunt around the camp and village – in groups they went around solving clues to answer questions about the surrounding area, the lucky winners got to claim a Camp Suisse goody!

The sun had soon began to set and it was time for lights out.