Camp Journal

St Ivo School – Coach 3 – Day Six

26th June 2014

Wakey wakey, Rise and Shine!

It was a early start for the students but the wake-up call was worth it because it was an excursion up to Glacier 3000!

The students enjoyed a ride on the cable car with spectacular views and once they made it to the top, the husky dogs were waiting and ready to give them a ride on the sled they pulled.

Soon it was time to stop for lunch and the students enjoyed a pack up made by the Camp Suisse Chef. It was great to sit there and take in the views!

In the afternoon it was back down the glacier and onto the Camp Suisse coach for a trip to Villeneuve for a swim in the pool with the other students!

Back at Camp Suisse the DJ was ready to play some tune for the Hawaiian themed disco during the evening!