Camp Journal

St Ivo School – Coach 1 – Day Four

24th June 2014

There is no better way to start the day with a filling breakfast, and it’s a good thing too because there was a lot of energetic activities planned for the day.

To begin with the students all split into three groups so they would be able to do each of the three activities on rotation. Everyone had a go at Archery, a climb up the indoor climbing wall and mountain biking!

On the archery range everyone became capable archers during target practice and for many students it was the first time, great effort!

There was no fear of heights from the students, as soon as they we harnessed it was straight to the top of the climbing wall.

Riding around on the bikes was great fun, the Activity Leaders shared the knowledge and even got the students trying out some jumps!

Back at Camp Suisse it was a quiet(ish) evening watching a movie and sipping on delicious hot chocolate! Once the movie was over it was lights out for another day.