Camp Journal

St Ivo Days One & Two – Coach 4

21st June 2016


Coach 4 were split into two groups then half went to climbing and the other half went to archery. In archery they learnt how to aim like Katniss Everdeen! One of the Activity Leaders set them a challenge to split and arrow in half for 200 CHF! After a few practice rounds we played the holiday game where some students ended up at Disney in a private jet and living in a 5 star hotel and some visiting Norwich on a double decker bus and living in a bus shelter! The students were then asked to aim for their cutlery for dinner: gold = fork, red = knife, blue = spoon, black = hands, white = no hands and miss = elbows. Dinner was fun to say the least.

After lunch, Coach 4 set off on a hiking trip up to camping where we experienced everything from the hot sun to the pouring rain. After a three hour walk we arrived at camping. The students were sorted into rooms and given free time before dinner where they played table tennis, table football and some “just chilled”. We then handed out the students cutlery for the evening (which the students did not think we would follow through on). We had children trying to eat their BBQ with their elbows! After dinner, we all went on another hike to the French and Swiss border. On the walk up, the students played in the snow and found sticks for marshmallow toasting. At the top we all held hands in a line in Switzerland and jumped into France together. From the border we could see Lake Geneva, Chatel and snow capped mountains.

After the hike we gathered wood for the fire and started the camp fire. The students had a Camp Suisse Special of roasted bananas with marshmallows and chocolate. We then roasted the marshmallows on the camp fire. We all chilled around the fire and then had a riff off which was Girls vs Boys. After much debate, Girls won 3-2. The students then headed to bed for a much deserved sleep.



The morning at camping started off with Adam T’s Baked Beans Speciality and some very nice cornflakes – what a start to the day! We then headed back down the mountain on yet another walk (the students loved it really). After we got back they had free time before heading to the spa for a nice relaxing swim.

At the spa the students went on the water slides, chilled in the lazy river and swam in the pool.The day went swimmingly!

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