Camp Journal

St Ivo – Day Three, Coach 2!

1st July 2015

Coach 2 had a scorching day in the sun today! After a later start due to campfire songs last night, everyone took a different route back down to camp, slowly winding down the steep mountain! It was a very picturesque walk, with lots of breathtaking scenery to be looked at!

Before lunch everyone had the opportunity to shower and freshen up before climbing aboard our bus, the Aquapark Express! Our group leaders set up base camp at the Aquapark whilst all the campers whizzed off to enjoy some water slides! Everyone had a great time splashing around in the various pool and slides but after a few hours unfortunately it was time to head back to Camp Suisse HQ! Everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thai Green Curry and Chocolate Yogurt Cake cooked for us by the Camp Suisse chefs! Then it was time for eyes down in our evening entertainment, BINGO!

Everyone can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Tags: Aqua Parc Camping