Camp Journal

Snowy fun for Reds and Blues

18th July 2017

Yet another great day at Camp Suisse for the Red and Blue groups as they truly let themselves loose on the glacier! As we arrived, they all went bounding across the fluffy white layers of snow, throwing snowballs at each other, jumping in sludgy puddles and generally just having a jolly good time! They then enjoyed an exciting, action packed ride in the Glacier 3000’s very own Alpine Roller coaster, riding into the horizon and enjoying the luscious mountain views, then having a boost of adrenaline as the rocketed down the slippery sledge slopes. Next up was lunch and the roller coaster, before the Red and Blue Group campers has the bus journey back to camp, just in time for shower hour. After a relaxing shower hour with all the campers feeling spent after their exhilarating day up in the mountain tops, the Red and Blues settled down for a soothing blend of Swiss hot chocolate in front of Camp Suisse’s finest cinema. And so the day comes to a close, and we turn to the next page in the Camp Suisse session 2 Alpine Adventure.