Camp Journal

All Groups – Saturday In The Alps

20th July 2014

Halfway through the session and all the campers were very glad of the later start that Saturday brings. Once all the campers were awake the chalet clean commenced, with all campers rolling up their sleeves and making sure all rooms were spic and span for week two! 


All campers then went for their traditional group photos in the glorious Swiss sunshine, after photos and an energy boosting lunch all campers went to Plan De Croix ready for their afternoon hike. The chairlift was used to take the campers up to the French border, the walk along the border allowed to campers to see some amazing sights of both France and Switzerland. Fortunately the forecasted thunderstorms stayed away.


After another amazing meal from the wonderful kitchen staff all campers took a short walk over to the football pitch for Dracula, running around the forest solving riddles and games to gain all the ingredients to take down the Camp Suisse Vampire!