Camp Journal

Session Three – Day Four

5th August 2015

The day could not have started better! Although it was an early 6am start…everybody was off to the glacier. Spending the morning at a head swilling 3000m, all our campers had a wonderful time, firstly learning about how glaciers are formed, to then hurtling down the mountain on the alpine roller coaster.


Afterwards, everybody headed off the mountain and down to the pool at Villeneuve, where all enjoyed a dip in the warm pool and dive into Lake Geneva. Taking a jump off the high board is no easy feat, regardless of this, our yellow and green campers (and couple of the reds and blues) showed no sign of fear when back flipping from the top!


Back at camp, the evening was spent chilling out with a mug of tasty homemade hot chocolate and a movie…After a long day everyone deserved it!