Camp Journal

Session Three – Day Five – Reds and Blues

6th August 2015

It was a sunny start for the campers yesterday. After a hearty breakfast, they all headed up to their first activity of the day…Mountain Biking!

With a quick crash course (designed to prevent an crashes) the campers were swiftly ready to take some of the down hill dirt tracks. Impressing all of our activity leaders, the campers were naturals, with Timeo and Leonardo showing particular prowess for the sport.

Coming back down for a refuel at lunch time, the campers then spent their afternoon in the language classrooms practicing their entries to the languages talent show.

After a tasty burrito dinner, the campers all piled into the hall for a big game of Camp Suisse Bingo. A heated first round saw Maddie bagging herself a load of goodies for being the first winner of the night. Well done!