Camp Journal

Session Three – Day Five – Greens and Yellows

6th August 2015

Yesterday morning Camp Suisse HQ was filled with the sound of the green and yellow campers practicing in the language classes for their Language Talent Show.

The afternoon hosted downhill mountain biking for the yellows and a football tournament for the greens. An afternoon of fun in the sun was highlighted by the third racooning of the session!

The unlucky pair, Ross from our pastoral care team and Joni our very popular camp mentor, were pelted with water, yoghurt, jam and flour all in aid of raising money for our charity, The Chloe Mansfield Fund for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Impressively they managed to raise a whopping 270 CHF.

After dinner the greens and yellows had an evening filled with fun at the karaoke machine. Wow these guys can sing!