Camp Journal

Session Two – Day Two – Reds and Blues

20th July 2015

The red and blue group had an action packed day on site at camp; starting with language lessons. Having done a quick test the day before, the language teachers divided everyone into their groups and headed off to their lessons. Introductory activities were the focus of the lessons and now many of our campers can introduce themselves in two, three, four or even more different languages.

After a delicious lunch on site, the red and blue group went their separate ways with the red group heading up to the football pitch for some archery coaching and the blue group staying at camp for a session on the climbing wall. For the red group, the archery session was a mixture of learning and fun, with activities leader Sam teaching us all of the terminology for archery before we could have a go. Some of the group managed to hit the target a few times, a great achievement as for lots of the group it was their first time. The red and blue group swapped locations after afternoon tea and it was in the climbing wall where the red group were particularly impressive. They showed no fear in attempting and succeeding to climb the different walls and everyone reached the top of at least one wall.

After all of the days activities, shower hour was a welcome break as usual. Dinner was nachos, followed by lasagne and the Camp Suisse special, ice cream crumble. The red and blue group had even more opportunity to show their variety of talents after dinner, as their evening entertainment was Karaoke! After singing their hearts out, the campers were well and truly tired out and ready for a good nights sleep in the chalets.