Camp Journal

Robin Hood and Languages for Greens and Yellows!

13th August 2017

The sun stayed with the Greens and Yellows today and it was just what we needed for our first exciting activity! It was time to bring out our campers’ inner robin hood’s at the beautiful football pitch in the mountains to play some archery. We integrated some games into the class after they had learnt about technique and put in some practise and we did things like choosing where we would be able to go on holiday depending on which part of the target your arrow ends up. We then decided to make it even more interesting my forming into groups and having a big competition between groups which even included our staff!

After refuelling at lunch, it was time for our older groups to put their thinking hats on and head to the classrooms because it was languages time!! We did a variation of written and oral practise whilst making it fun with games such as ‘If i were president’, Happy Family games, Jenga and word-searches! We also created a tourism poster for the country of Camp Suisse and wrote some lovely letters to French Speaking pen pals!


By the time the classes were finished, the campers had put in a lot of effort and more than deserved their afternoon tea and shower hour rest! To finish off the day after dinner, we got creative! The campers split into groups and filmed some 3 minute movies based on their favourite films that will be displayed for other campers very soon! What a talented group of campers we have!

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