Camp Journal

Relaxation and Recuperation for Reds and Blues

25th July 2017

After an eventful previous day, it was time for the reds and blues to head back to base! The hike back from camping was thankfully a little lest damp than yesterday and everybody make great time considering the long journey they had already tackled. Once back, it was a quick turn around before the fun continued and the campers were lucky enough to be headed to the famous ‘Bains de Saillon’; a beautiful spa resort surrounded by the gorgeous landscape of the Swiss Alps. After so much exercise and business of the hike and camping, the lovely warm waters at the baths were just what our campers needed to relax and recuperate a little. They were able to unwind in the thermal water pools, giggle in the Jacuzzis and whirl their way around the wonderful lazy river! There were even a couple of slide and a trampoline for those who still managed to have some reserves of energy left.

Once all the groups had returned back to camp, there was a later than usual shower hour and a very chilled evening before a much needed trip of to bed! Our campers our very excited to start back off again tomorrow after they have somewhat recharged their batteries.