Camp Journal

Red Group – Reach For The Skies

15th July 2014

Yesterday was the first day of the language lessons for the red group, once again the language teachers made sure that all campers were placed in the right skill group through fun and interactive tests. After this, the first lessons were away with ease and all campers got stuck right in. After the language lessons and another amazing lunch the red group went out for team building games. By using some newly learnt language skills campers developed their cooperation and communication skills, this was evident throughout the whole afternoon but especially in the create climb – stacks of fun! To top it off the group released their creative juices whilst designing their very own treausre hunt maps during the oreniteering task.


Following a French themed dinner in honour of Bastille day, the reds enjoyed playing cards in the one and only Camp Suisse Casino. 



Camp Suisse Summer 2014 Casino Night Red Group