Camp Journal

Red Group and Blue Group ‰ÛÒ There is no ‰Û÷I‰Ûª in the word team‰Û_

30th June 2014

The day started with a nutritious breakfast to get ready for a busy day ahead.
First activity of the day was with the Language Teachers who had organised some games to test the camper’s ability for their chosen language program.
Lunch was then ready and the campers got to go around each ‘food station’ where there is a selection of panni, hot dogs, filled baguettes and jacket potatoes – yummy!
Once everyone had finished this lunch it was time for the afternoon activity which was team building exercises. 
There is an exercise called the ‘Crate Climb’ and this where the campers stack some crates into a column whilst one of their fellow campers is stood on top (of course we all put safety first with the campers wearing helmets and a safety harness). Another great exercise was throwing eggs over the balcony with parachutes attached, the aim is to try and get the egg to the ground without cracking – there was some great success with only a few egg splats here and there!
Later on during the activity everyone had a chance to draw some maps of the Camp Suisse site and then try and navigate using them, the campers are budding cartographers! 
Soon it was time for shower hour and the campers had a chance to freshen up and phone home to their parents. The Camp Suisse chef had been busy making a delicious dinner of Chicken Pie and home baked cookies with ice cream for dessert. 
The evening hours were passed by with a great time in the Camp Suisse casino!