Camp Journal

Red and Blue Group ‰ÛÒ Out Into The Wilderness

16th July 2014

The sun was shining on all the campers at Camp Suisse and it made everyone bright and energetic to begin their language lessons.

In the afternoon the Red Group put on their hiking boots and made their way to the forest to begin the Bush Craft Hike. The campers built their own shelters and were taught survival skills with the guidance of the Activity Leaders.

The Blue Group split into groups and rotated around three activities which were: Mountain Biking, Archery and Climbing.  Soon the campers were off out on their mountain bikes and made great progress on the obstacle course, others hit the bull’s-eye up on the Archery Range and the climbers on the Camp Suisse Wall aimed high and reached the top!

Back at Camp Suisse once ‘Shower Hour’ was over, everyone was ready for dinner which was Lasagne and salad – not forgetting Waffle Wednesday (lots of ice cream and chocolate and strawberry sauce to go on top of the waffle!). 

The Pastoral Leaders had a great evening planned of sports on the football field during sunset!