Camp Journal

Red and Blue Group ‰ÛÒ Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

3rd August 2014

It has to be every young child’s dream to visit a chocolate factory and that is exactly what was planned for the campers!

In the morning the campers boarded the Camp Suisse coach to take them to the Cailler Chocolate factory for a tour. The first part was a great interactive installation about the love for chocolate around the world from the Aztec times to the production of it in the present day.

At the end the campers were very lucky and entered the sample room where they could try as much chocolate as they liked! 
In the afternoon it was over to the Gruyere Old Town where the campers played in the park (an opportunity to burn off all that chocolate!) and they also had a chance to explore the medieval town!

Back at Camp Suisse the campers enjoyed dinner and then an evening it was time to play some sports with the Pastoral Leaders!