Camp Journal

Red and Blue Blog – Follow the map!

30th July 2014

After a double session of languages in the morning, the red and blue groups split into their respective groups for different afternoon activities.

The red group managed to make the most of the difficult weather conditions, just about managing to stay dry for their short hike around the forest before using pine cones and paint to create their interpretations of ‘marmots in the forest’. There were certainly some terrific displays of artistry! 

Meanwhile, the Blue group were entertained by orienteering followed by a sports session. After learning some map-reading skills and orienteering theory, they were able to put their knowledge into practise in an orienteering race around the centre. After a short break, they headed up to the sports hall for some football coaching, where they honed their skills and were told about good sportsmanship and fair play by Activity Leader Emma.

After dinner, everyone at camp took part in Torgona Hunt in small groups, racing around the centre and square searching for answers to clues they were given. They will find out which group won the grand prize next Thursday at the disco!