Camp Journal

A Mighty Fine Afternoon For Mountain Biking – Green Group

27th July 2013

An awesome whole first day for the Green group! Everyone had the chance to get a first taste for the sports sessions and had their language skills put to the test. After a scrumptious Camp Suisse lunch they were shuttled up the mountain to do some mountain biking. The summer sun was glorious and the surroundings of Plan du Croix were beautiful against the blue sky. What an excellent day for some member of the Green group to do mountain biking for the first time! After doing a safety ‘m’ check all the kids were split into groups based on confidence and each group went through a varying difficulty of track. On the way back all the kids managed to cycle down the mountain back to camp. Mountain biking is always fun for the kids and staff alike! In the evening the Green group complete the Torgona Hunt, where the kids explore camp and some of Torgon having great fun getting to know each other in the meantime. 

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