Camp Journal

Let the Games begin!

20th July 2019

All the campers started their day with their favourite activity of all- cleaning their rooms! After some fond farewells to departing campers, and some preparations to welcome new ones, the campers got ready for a full day of activities. The Greens and Yellows were given the choice earlier in the week to participate in either outdoor climbing, or the Olympics Day with the rest of camp. Choosing between such great activities was difficult, but all the campers were happy with their decision and had a really rewarding day. The outdoor climbers were pushed to their limits in the hot weather, but managed to scale to new heights on the crag.
The Olympians, meanwhile, spent the day representing their newly adopted countries in different events throughout the day. All the colour groups were represented on each team, and it was very special to see the campers working together to gain points and have a special day. In the end, Canada took home first prize, with Nigeria being awarded the Most Enthusiastic Team. Special mention was also given to the Republic of Ireland, the Olympic hosts.