Camp Journal

LCIS find Mouflon!

8th June 2018

La Cote’s Year 4 had the great challenge of trying to find Mouflon in the upper reaches of the peaks of Torgon today with the help of Cyril, a local guide and expert Mouflon hunter. We began at the Plan de Croix area where we headed up through the fields of cows binoculars in hand. From there we headed through woodland and pasture up the mountain, stopping occasionally to be informed about the nature in this part of the world and how it has adapted to grow in the diverse environment. Just before reaching prime the Mouflon viewing location we stopped to make some observational drawings of wild flowers and try and come up with some inventive names for them. Within 4b there seemed to be a more pessimistic take on the local flora, with most plants being the bringers of DOOM for some reason, a personal highlight  being Nicky re-naming grass, ‘The Spikey Green Plant of DOOM!’. A short way higher Cyril set up his 20x magnifying telescope to be able to see in detail the Mouflon that could be seen meandering around the remaining snow from winter. Above these groups of females that could be seen by eye lower down Cyril managed to spot a horned male in the higher slopes which was by far the best part of everyone’s day.

Toby, Activities Leader