Camp Journal

Languages, bingo, chess and games for the Red and Blue Group today

3rd July 2017

Today the Red and Blue Groups had another fun filled day here at Camp Suisse. We started the morning off with a walk to the football pitch where the fun and games began! Wacky races and stuck in the mud were particular favourites amongst the campers and we returned tired, yet content to camp for a lovely and needed hot lunch. Everybody felt revitalised just in time for their first language lessons! Vocab learning and educative games were done in French, German, Spanish and English and everybody worked hard!

After some burrito fun for dinner, the Reds were able to get their competitive side on whilst playing bingo and the Blues headed of to the activities area to play a life sized game of chess and to hit the swings and bouncy castle! By bed time everybody was sufficiently worn out and more than ready for some rest and recuperation.