Camp Journal

Languages and Archery for Blues and Reds!

13th August 2017

This morning was the first taste of Language Classes for our young Red and Blues! With a lower level of understanding of their languages due to their young ages, we started off calmly with some basics! Our classes involved our campers introducing themselves and then practising numbers and colours etc. In order to help put what they had learnt into practise and make the lesson more interactive we also had lots of fun playing games like Jenga, Bingo and Battleships. What a fun way to learn!

Then after some refuelling at lunch, it was time to play some archery at our beautiful football pitch surrounded by the mountains! We integrated some competitions, challenges and games into this as well based on which colours they managed to hit! Their next adventure is one of our hardest yet most fun activities at Camp Suisse! It was time for our young campers to get a little wet and crazy as they headed Ghyll Scrambling! They tackled a course down our beautiful local river, that was full of obstacles and challenges and our campers never stopped laughing and giggling as they splashed each other and tackled the fun obstacle course.

After some recuperation at dinner and shower hour it was time for more activity and fun, as they headed off to our fun activities area where they could play with the bouncy castle, zip wire and play chess on a massive real life board! By the time they headed to bed, the Reds and Blues were all very tired after so much fun! Stay tuned tomorrow for their exciting adventures high up in the mountains!

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