Camp Journal

Hiking, Hiking and more Hiking !!

21st June 2017

Another hot and sunny day dawned above the beautiful mountains surrounding our camp. This meant that it was time for the tough northerners from Conyers school to don their sun cream and sunhats, grab their water bottles and brave the exciting hike to Tanay; a famous and beautiful Swiss lake high in the Alps.

On our travels, we walked through the quaint village Le Flon, where we stopped for a well deserved rest. After the long and anticipation filled walk, we were finally greeted by the beautiful lake. As a reward, all went for a swim and there were many ice creams purchased. It was great to be able to cool off and relax.

To top off all of this excitement, it was time for camping! The students were treated to a tasty BBQ. Our activity leaders are renowned for their crazy and fun camp stories, songs and games and we all went to bed very happy!