Camp Journal

Greens head to chocolate paradise!

11th July 2017

Chocolate! Who doesn’t like it? As the campers were informed that a trip to the Callier chocolate factory was on the Program, their faces lit up. After an interesting coach ride with many detours and excellent communication of the hard working police, we arrived and had a seat in the cinema of the factory. During the tour of the building, we were lead through a Disney world style story of the origins of chocolate. Of course, campers couldn’t await the following tasting of different chocolates. However, some regretted the After a short bus ride we arrived in the charming village of we set up camp at a local park and explained the rules of the afternoon to the campers the campers were allowed to stroll the village of and dine in one of its many affordable restaurants Time flew by and so did the weather. Upon leaving the fine eateries and boutiques, campers were greeted by one of Switzerland’s famous thunderstorms. Rain and wind turned postcard Gruyeres into a grey, stormy ghost town. We raced to the bus through the hail and rain. With the driver chuckling and the kids shivering, Ralph set sail towards Torgon to get the campers to warmth! After arriving at the chalet, campers plunged in to a warm glacier water shower. At dinner, students shared their thoughts of the day and fought about what chocolate was best.