Camp Journal

Greens and Yellow slide their way through the day

20th July 2017

We started the day today with some challenging and thrilling wall climbing in which everybody tested their courage and their limits! This fun was then followed by some sports on our beautiful football pitch. As fun as this all was, the best part of the day was still to come! Soon, but not soon enough, it was time to head off to… THE AQUA PARC! The park is located in the beautiful Swiss town of Villeneuve, and situated along a glistening Lake Geneva that looked very tempting in the heat. The campers were able to relax on the grass outside, some even lucky enough to have ice creams,  and enjoy all the exciting slide rides, as well as going to the calmer ‘lazy river’.

Finally, it was sadly time to get the bus back at 5 pm, soon after which, we arrived at Camp Suisse for shower hour. The day still had much more excitement to hold for our groups, as walked through some beautiful terrain, including a lovely Lagoon, in order to arrive at our BBQ area in the lovely forest! From Hotdogs, to Veggieburgers and chips with salad; we were spoilt for choice and very full once we were finished with our dessert. Our evening entertainment had a special twist today! A normal game of football, however the teams were campers vs staff…. its safe to say there was some controversial refereeing!! Congratulations to the staff who only narrowly beaut the talented campers!