Camp Journal

Green group learns about Camp fires and cattle!

3rd July 2017


Green group began their language classes along with the Yellow team today and everybody quickly fell into the rhythm and structure of the 90 minute slots! This was followed by lunch at camp before the Campers then headed off to the Chalet du Croix for some sophisticated camping! They enjoyed a three hour hike in the Swiss Alps, passed by plenty of nature and plenty of cows! These cows turned out to be a valuable lesson as the children discovered that the bigger the bell- the bigger the worth of the cattle!

At camping they were welcomed by a BBQ, before heading up to the French border where they had one foot in Switzerland and the other in France! Everyone felt a great sense of achievement! Later, the campers sat around and were taught about fire in the wild and in camping from their very knowledgeable activity leader Victoria. She then enjoyed sharing some of her notorious and spooky stories around the camp fire with roasted marshmallows. A great day !