Camp Journal

Green Group ‰ÛÒ Language and Bush Craft Hike!

13th July 2014

During the morning the campers in Green Group were working hard in their language lessons. The tutors took special care to make sure everyone was grouped in the right language level by using assessments – it is all done it an innovative and exciting way!
After lunch the campers put on their hiking boots, filled up their water bottles and made their way into the forest to begin the Bush Craft activity. 
The campers spend their time putting up hammocks and making shelters, its great fun to try and camouflage the shelters with leaves and branches. The Activity Leaders then took the campers on a trail and gave a talk on how to filter water from a stream and other survival hints and tips!
Back at Camp Suisse the campers enjoyed a delicious dinner and then had a great night playing games in the Camp Suisse Casino!