Camp Journal

Green and Yellow Group ‰ÛÒ Out into the wilderness!

8th July 2014

In the morning the camp had their language lessons and it was all about the rehearsals for the Camp Suisse Talent Show! The acts are looking to be very entertaining!

After lunch the campers put on their waterproof jackets and climbed aboard the Camp Suisse coach which took them up to Plan de Croix where the campers began their hike up to the Camp Suisse Alpine Outpost. The hike is a challenge any time but especially on this occasion as the weather was drizzling and even some cows got in the way! Every camper took it in their stride – kudos!

Soon everyone arrived at the outpost for their camping adventure and had settled in nicely. The campers were given a few hours free time to play some card games or ping pong whilst waiting for dinner to be ready.

The Alpine Outpost Chef had cooked up some great burgers and sausages which was just what everyone needed whilst sitting by the cosy stoves. Afterwards the campers played a game called Sardines and then had a real treat – Banana s’mores!

After some camping songs and the banana s’mores were everyone was ready for bed.