Camp Journal

Green and Yellow Group ‰ÛÒ ‰ÛÏNow I‰Ûªm the king of the swingers – yeah!

30th June 2014

The campers in Green and yellow group both had an action packed day! The campers started at Parc Adventure where everyone jumped straight onto the high rope courses in the trees. They were swinging from tree to tree on the Tarzan swings and zip-wires!
It was a great day and a special well done to Farouk and Eliza for conquering their fear of heights – both of them had a real sense of accomplishment and smiles on their faces! 
After lunch the campers enjoyed a tour around the International Olympic Museum. Everyone had a go at racing against a computer video of Usain Bolt, unfortunately nobody could beat him yet as there would be plenty more training required!  
It was great to look at the exhibitions on the Olympic history and highlights!
Back at Camp Suisse the campers enjoyed a dinner of chicken pie (including a veggie option) and a delicious dessert of home baked cookies and ice cream!
The evening activity was a fun round up of sports before lights out.