Camp Journal

Green and Yellow Group ‰ÛÒ Cover it in chocolate and a miracle or two!

4th August 2014

The campers went on a visit to the Cailler chocolate factory, the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still in existence. 

As the Camp Suisse coach approached the chocolate factory there was real excitement and intrigue for what the tour would bring! Inside the campers began the interactive tour in which you could smell the sweet fragrance of chocolate. The visit would not have been complete without a taste and the campers were in for a treat when they entered the tasting room (a whole room in which you can eat as much chocolate as you wished!).

In the afternoon, the campers went to a well-known town called Gruyère (famous for the yummy cheese!). They enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park below the medieval Gruyère Castle!

Back at Camp Suisse everyone enjoyed a Music Quiz and then it was lights out.