Camp Journal

Green and Yellow Group Blog ‰ÛÒ Who is for a game of Rounders?

17th July 2014

The sun was high in the sky and it was a clear blue!

Everyone enjoyed their morning of language lessons or sports and then had lunch before the afternoon activities.

The Green Group split into groups to rota around the three activities which were mountain biking, orienteering and sports. 

Mountain Biking – The campers spent the afternoon being taught how to control a bike on the forest trails (a great day especially for Saif who learnt how to ride a bike, well done!).

Orienteering and Sports – The campers created their own maps before searching the camp following clues. During the sports at the football field everyone enjoyed Rounders and football! 

The Yellow Group made their way in the forest and began their Bush Craft Hike. The Activity Leaders shared their survival knowledge and taught the campers how to put up hammocks and make shelters. 

In the evening all the campers enjoyed the Torgona Hunt where they race around the camp solving clues.