Camp Journal

Geneva English School – Day Three

18th June 2014

It was an incredibly exciting day for the students from Geneva English School today!

The first activity of the day was a visit up to Glacier 3000.

Several of the students agreed that the husky sledding on the glacier was sure to be the highlight of the day, but they also enjoyed the thrilling toboggan alpine rollercoaster! 

After lunch the pace of the day slowed down and it was a visit to the relaxing thermal spa but in true Camp Suisse flair the activity was full of laughter and fun! The students were able to splash around in four different pools, the rapid river and the water slides – a great time!

The Camp Suisse chef had made lasagne and salad for the students return to camp and not forgetting the favourite dessert – Waffle Wednesday!

For the evening entertainment it was time to unwind and enjoy a delicious mug of hot chocolate whilst watching a movie. 

Once the hot chocolate was all gone and the movie was over, it was time for lights out.