Camp Journal

First experiences for the Red Group!

2nd July 2017

The Red Group had an exciting day first day in store for them! They began their day with a great breakfast and fun games in the big sports hall. Everyone participated fully and it is definitely safe to say that they all had a blast; particularly when they got to play monkey in a tree-house (you can imagine the fun). After a delicious hot lunch, the reds were then able to show off their art skills and their inner Picasso! Everybody painted wonderful portraits of themselves and also were able to paint a group banner with all of their names on it!

After this, the group made their way to the climbing wall where they really proved their strength. For many of the young campers in this group it was their first time trying climbing so it was a wonderful new and challenging experience! Determination was tested, imagination exercised and so when it was time for dinner everybody was ready to refuel! After their tasty curry and rice, the red group headed off to a local adventure ark where they got to enjoy the many bouncy castles and the giant board games such as giant chess. They have had a fantastic evening and are looking forward to a great sleep ready for more adventure tomorrow!