Camp Journal

Elective day for the Greens and Yellows

13th July 2017

Unfortunately, the last day of Session 1 activities was upon us today! Now that language classes had ended for Session 1, the Yellow and Green groups were able to have an elective day in which they chose which activities they would rather do for the day to really make the most of their last time here as Camp Suissers! The campers split into groups as some chose to go all out and hike to the beautiful Lake Taney for a swim and others chose mountain biking. Another fantastic activity that was available was our infamous fresh (and very cold) water Ghyll scrambling in which the campers must face obstacles along a fun river course. All of these were very energetic activities and so some of the campers opted with the fourth and final relaxed option: arts and crafts with stomp style music. It was perfect for those who were more than ready for a rest after the busy last two weeks!

Finally, after everybody had had their fill of fun activities for the day it was time for the PROM! It was a chance for all of our lovely campers to change out of their camp t-shirts into lovely formal clothes and have some fun with the friends that they had made during the fortnight. It began with a delicious dinner of pasta bake, salad bar and dessert which then transferred into disco time! The campers were able to have their last fill of the souvenirs and food from the Tuck Shop and then they headed to the dance floor to have a boogie with their friends and all of the staff to whom they’d all grown very close! It was a bittersweet night of fun but sadness to see everybody go tomorrow.