Camp Journal

EIG Day Two

1st June 2016

Yesterday, our morning activity sessions began with a whirlwind of fun activities based across camp. Classes 6A & 6C began with team-building exercises such as creating a ‘marble run’, crate climbing and plank walking. Teams rotated around the different activities developing leadership, team-working and communication skills, and most importantly, having immense fun!

Classes 6B & 6D began their morning with football-related activities including ‘Crab Football’, football rounders and a game of ‘Capture the Flag’, followed by a quick session on the climbing wall. It was an enjoyable morning for all!

The afternoon activity for all of our campers commenced with a walk to a local clearing beside the forest and athletics field. Our campers were given a scenario in which they were to imagine that they had to fight to survive through tough conditions, helping us all to gain a better understanding of the current refugee crisis. Our campers were given items in a ‘shelter box’ and had to put up a tent, as well as find water and food. They even had a go at making a fire!

After a fun-filled afternoon, our campers headed back to Camp Suisse for some relay races and other games. After dinner, the children had a choice of activities: doing yoga, going on the climbing wall, playing football, watching DVDs, and making friendship bracelets.

Day Three will involve a trip to the Glacier and some Roman ruins, thus an early night was required by staff and campers alike!

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